Estrella del Mar Resort Mazatlan Spa & Massage

If the serenity of the lapping waves on the beach, the spectacular sunsets and beautiful tropical landscaping aren’t enough, the Las Villas Spa will certainly help revitalize your body and mind. Only a few footsteps from the beach is the luxurious Estrella del Mar Resort Mazatlan Spa featuring a steam room and sauna, a variety of massages, aromatherapy, reflexology and therapeutic treatments to soothe tired muscles, rejuvenate your spirit and enhance your vacation.



$35 / 30 mins
$50 / 55 mins

Deep Tissue -- Techniques to loosen and lengthen the deeper layers of muscles.

Sport Massage -- Massage combined with exercise. Helps with pain issues.

Swedish Massage -- A soft massage meant to increase circulation and release tension.

Nuerocranial -- This massage only concentrates on the head.

Reflexology -- Foot massage using thumb and finger pressure to alleviate stress and release energy throughout your body.

Stone Massage -- Warm stones used to heat and relax tense muscles. Enhances circulation, relaxation and healing.

Tired Leg Massage... 4 sessions $50

Shiatsu -- Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese method of massage that works along channels of energy lines that run throughout the body releasing energy blockages and rebalances the energy flow... $50 / 55 mins


Light -- A treatment that softens and moisturizes the face... $40

Anti-Stress -- Toning treatment that releases tension, gives vitality... $60

Vitamin C -- Clarifies the skin, collagen produces, refines and improves the skin... $60

Honey Bee -- For all skin types. Rich in vitamins & minerals... $60

Expression Lines -- Global anti-wrinkle treatment, fills lines and brightens and relaxes the face... $60

Sunburn Treatment -- Restores long lasting, deep moisture to the skin and prevents future moisture loss... $60


Exfoliation... $40

Wraps The various wraps help to eliminate dead skin cells, improve circulation, stimulate cellular regeneration and provide complete relaxation.

  • Seaweed -- Will enhance the beaty and texture of the skin... $60
  • Mud Volcano -- Volcanic lava minerals create relaxation and wellness... $80
  • Chocotherapy -- Induce production of endorphins which stimulates the senses, releases tension and produce overall wellness... $80
  • Vino Therapy -- Using purple grapes, rich antioxidants activates the senses, relieves stress and creates total comfort... $80
  • Gold & Silver -- For that special occasion. Treatments will include exfoliation, a wrap and a massage... 2 hours $120 per person


With mask of mud, seaweed, chocolate or wine... $40

With Paraffin for improved skin tone and circulation... $40


Prices vary. All appointments must be made one day in advance.


Basic... $15

With Hand Massage... $25


Back... $40

Mustache... $10

Full Leg... $40

Arms... $10

Eyebrow... $10

Half Leg... $25

Underarm... $10

Brazilian... $40